The Class Tutor and Year Head System

Each class group from 1st Year to 6th Year will be divided into two or three groups and assigned a Class Tutor for that group.

Class Tutor

  • The Class Tutor meets with his/her class group for a 40-minute assembly during a timetable Tutor Group class. This specific tutor time is part of our allocated time for student Wellbeing.
  • During this time each student’s diary is checked for a parent’s signature and any relevant notes.
  • The role of Class Tutor can include informing other teachers of any external factors that they are aware of that may affect the Wellbeing of any student in their group.
  • The Tutor can also use this time for class discussion on issues relating to school policy, code of discipline or arising topical issues that may be affecting the Wellbeing of the group in general.
  • The Class Tutor may engage in activities during assembly time e.g. taking the group for a walk.

Year Head

  • Year Heads have a clearly defined role in relation to discipline – checking on signatures, recording students for detention, distributing On Report, Principal’s Report and post-suspension Observation forms.
  • Year Heads will endeavour to meet their groups as often as possible to go through different school issues and/or policies.
  • Students can also make appointments to discuss issues they may be having with their Year Heads.
  • The Year Head may also be available for individual students during the Wellbeing allocated time when groups meet with their Tutors. The Year Head can make appointments to see students at this time to discuss arising or ongoing issues.
  • Year Heads help with the identification of ongoing negative behaviours in conjunction with students and parents and organise monitoring of this behaviour post-suspension.
  • Year Heads can organise events and outings for their year groups.