Rang Carraig

Rang Carraig was introduced to the school in 2016 and is a class grouping designed to meet the needs of students with Mild General Learning Difficulties. 

Students can follow a mix of mainstream and L2LP subjects at Junior Cycle. 
Similarly, they can follow a mix of mainstream and Level 4 subjects at Senior Cycle. 

Meeting the needs of students with Moderate General Learning Disabilities in mainstream and tailored classes

In September 2016 a class to meet the needs of students with Moderate General Learning Disabilities was sanctioned for Carrigallen Vocational School.

The aim of the class is to meet the needs of these students and help them to attain their academic potential and work on their independence skills. These needs are met through:

  • Accessing the curriculum through mainstream classes where appropriate.
  • Accessing the curriculum through small group classes where appropriate.
  • Accessing independent skills through mainstream and smaller group classes where appropriate.
  • Accessing other elements of education through other learning experiences.

Junior Cycle

We offer Level Two Learning Programme (L2LP) and Level Three Junior Certificate/Cycle. Both programmes are over the period of three years from 1st to 3rd Year.

Rang Carraig students can access both levels within their junior cycle years as appropriate, with a ‘mix and match’ approach taken for students following the L2LP that may include them taking one or a number of subjects at Level 3.

Each student has a tailored timetable to enable them access the subject level appropriate for them.

In 2nd and 3rd year, depending on the subjects (if any) taken for Junior Cycle Level 3, students‘dip in and out’of a parallel Rang Carraig timetable as appropriate. If a student is taking a subject for Level 3 every effort is made to accommodate them to avail of extra classes in this subject.

Level Two Learning Programme (L2LP)

This programme offers students who would not be able to access the Junior Cycle (Level 3) the opportunity to access five Priority Learning Units (PLUs) and to participate in other learning experiences. The students are then rewarded with a Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement certified by the school. A number of the Learning Outcomes in L2LP are targeted in mainstream classes where appropriate, while others are met in small group setting.

The L2LP 5 PLUs are:

  1. Communications and Literacy with learning elements covered: Speaking appropriately for a variety of purposes, using non-verbal behaviour to get the message across, reading to obtain basic information, using a range of writing forms to express opinions, using expressive arts to communicate, using suitable technologies for a range of purposes.
  2. Numeracy with learning elements covered: managing money, developing an awareness of numbers, of weight and capacity, of length and distance; using a calculator; developing spatial awareness; using date for a range of different purposes; using shapes; developing an awareness of time.
  3. Personal Care with learning elements covered: Developing good daily personal care, healthy eating habits, a healthy lifestyle; being able to manage stress;knowing howto stay safe/becoming aware of one’s own sexuality; recognising emotions; making personal decisions.
  4. Living in a community with learning elements covered: Developing good relationships; resolving conflict; using local facilities; seeking help and advice; making consumer choices
  5. Preparing for work with learning elements covered: Being able to set goals for learning; finding out about work; preparing for a work-related activity; developing an awareness of health and safety using equipment;taking part in a work-related activity.

Students accessing the L2LP also have to complete two Short Courses, one in 2nd and one in 3rd Yr. The Short Courses that have been covered over the last 3 years is ‘ Caring for Animals ’, ‘ Grow It, Cook It, Eat It ’with’ CSI: Exploring Forensic Science ’ the current short course being studied.

L2LP also offers students a wide range of Other Learning Opportunities – this is where students can be involved in preparing for a school outing, participating in regular trips to the local shop or producing a piece of concrete work from their practical subjects.

As part of the L2LP students are encouraged to be involved in whole school activities such as the School Concert and Green Schools.

In Year One students are encouraged to ‘ taste ’ all mainstream subjects, including practical subjects such as Woodwork, Home Economics, Metalwork and Art. However, if these subjects are not suitable or a student is not suited to a particular subject every effort is made to accommodate the needs of the student. See the sample timetable for a 1st Year Student . However, this timetable can then modified over the course of the school year.

Sample timetable for 2nd/3rd Yr Student Taking Eng, Art, Home Ec at Level 3 Junior Cycle and L2LP

Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Notes
1 Woodwork Art Mainstream Maths Mainstream Maths Short Course Short Course: Caring for Animals
2 English (Resource) Home Economics English (Resource) Science Short Course L2LP PLU Learning Outcomes Targeted in Mainstream Classes
3 Personal Care Home Economics Mainstream SPHE Science Short Trip Metalwork Missing from Timetable as Subject not Suitable for Student
4 Maths Maths Rang Carraig Workshop Business Studies Maths for Life  
5 Science English (Resource) Rang Carraig Workshop Business Studies Technical Graphics  
6 CSPE My Surroundings Rang Carraig Workshop Mainstream English Technical Graphics  
7 Mainstream English Mainstream English Living in the Community Woodwork Art  
8 English (Resource) English Pre-teaching Life Maths Woodwork Art  

Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Notes
1 SPHE Personal Care Art Life Maths Short Course Short Course: CSI
2 Art Resource English Preparation for Work Mainstream English Short Course  
3 Art Food Skills Personal Care Home Ec Short Trip  
4 Computer Studies Homne Ec Short Course Art Art  
5 Mainstream English Home Ev Art Short Course Life Maths  
6 Life Maths Mainstream English Art Living in the Community Food Skills  
7 Personal Care Life Maths Mainstream English CSPE Food Skills  
8 Preparation for Work Living in the Community Horticulture Studies Music for L2LP    
9 Organisation Skills Organisation Skills Organisation Skills Organisation Skills    

Senior Cycle

Students in Rang Carraig Senior Cycle can follow the Transition Year Programme in 4th Year.

In 2019 Leaving Certificate Applied was introduced in Carrigallen VS. This is a Level 4 course and can be accessed by students enrolled in Rang Carraig.

Where appropriate students may be in a position to take subjects at Level 5 (Leaving Certificate). Students attend mainstream classes where appropriate as part of their learning programme. Differentiation is used to ensure students are accessing the curriculum to the best of their abilities.

As part of their course all students also participate in:

Life Maths

This subject endeavours to prepare students numerically for life. It covers areas such as time, e.g. the use of timetables, and money, e.g. supermarket receipts and ‘bargains’. Follow-up trips to shop ensure practical application of what is learned.

Food Skills

In these classes students are given the opportunity to prepare small meals and healthy snacks, e.g., smoothies, sandwiches, while targeting all the necessary skills required.

Preparation for Work Enterprise

Rang Carraig students have set up and maintain their own enterprise, repackaging and selling jellies in the school tuck shop.


The timetable is adapted where necessary to meet the needs of a subject/workshop.

Halloween to Christmas

Bake and Ice/Decorate Christmas Cakes and be fully involved in the various preparation work required. Singing Workshop in which it would be hoped the students would prepare an item for performance in the annual School Variety Concert.


Students have access to the kitchen for a period of e-classes on a weekly basis with the Home Economics teacher where they research and prepare (and eat!) a variety of simple meals.


Workshops form an important part of Rang Carraig, with students participating in a weekly workshop in either Drama, Dance, Singing, or Craft-work. These workshops are facilitated by specialists in their field, or indeed by school staff where appropriate.


Timetable-dependent, students walk to the shop on Friday with a teacher and their SNA. This encourages independence and self awareness. The students also visit the Post Office once a month to deposit a small amount of money in their savings account. Students also regularly participate in trips to the local hotel as part of their life-skills class.


Rang Carraig Day Trip(s) and participate in mainstream class trips where and when appropriate.

The happiness of the students in Rang Carraig is paramount and the school community as a whole make every effort to ensure this.