Special Educational Needs

Carrigallen Vocational School provides well developed and successful academic programmes and highly motivated staff supports for students with special educational needs.

Presently, students with special educational needs are catered for in a number of ways:

  1. Learning Support / Resource classes and dedicated classrooms
  2. Some Team Teaching classes where an additional teacher can support students in the classroom by assisting with exercises, taking notes, providing clarifications and general one-to-one
  3. The appointment of Special Needs Assistants where documentation / reports recommend the provision of one
  4. State Examination support in the form of RACE (Reasonable Accommodations). Depending on the student’s needs and documentation, assistance can be provided with reading, spelling and grammar waivers, extra time, special centres etc…
  5. Differentiation practiced in classrooms
  6. Special Programmes like:
    • L2LP (Level 2 Learning Programme) for Junior Cycle students with moderate general learning disabilities: L2LP Information for Parents
    • Rang Carraig Special Class for students with moderate general learning disabilities: For our latest documentation on Rang Carraig, click here
    • LCA (Leaving Cert Applied) programme for Senior Cycle students: Leaving Cert Applied Programme Details
  7. Irish Exemptions: Parents Information on Irish Exemptions