Senior Cycle

In addition to the three core subjects of English, Irish and Maths, students select four elective options from the choices available. Students choose subjects on a sliding scale of interest and from this, subject blocks are formed. In this way, the greatest number of students should be able to study their desired subjects.

At Senior level, students may opt to take a subject at Higher or Ordinary Level. Maths and Irish are available at Foundation Level also. All students have Religious Education, Career Guidance and SPHE classes weekly.

  • Irish
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • French
  • Geography
  • History
  • Art
  • Home Economics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Agricultural Science
  • Business / Accountancy
  • Information Technology
  • Construction Studies
  • Engineering
  • Design and Communications Graphics
  • LCVP Link Modules
  • Music

LCVP (the Leaving Cert Vocational Programme) as part of Senior Cycle studies

LCVP is a Senior Cycle Programme of the Department of Education and Skills, designed to give a strong vocational dimension to the Leaving Certificate (established). The programme combines the virtues of academic study with a new and dynamic focus on self-directed learning, enterprise, work and the community. Young people taking the LCVP have a unique opportunity to develop their interpersonal, vocational and technological skills. These skills are equally relevant to the needs of those preparing for further education, seeking employment or planning to commence their own business sometime in the future.

  • Qualification for LCVP is dependent on the student’s subject choices.
  • LCVP is studied additionally to the 7 subjects studied for Leaving Cert and can be used for CAO points.
  • LCVP students engage in Work Experience and preparation for the world of work.
  • LCVP students engage in Enterprise Projects and in CVS have been very successful in Student Enterprise Projects locally, regionally and nationally over the years.
Senior Cycle LCVP Student Enterprise