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Primary Science

November 26, 2019 - December 18, 2019

Brief Summary of Primary Science Curriculum


The Social, Environment and Scientific Education Primary Curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to explore, investigate and develop an understanding of the natural, human, social and cultural dimensions of local and wider environments; to learn and practice a wide range of skills; and to acquire open, critical and responsible attitudes. Pupils can explore both the natural environment and the human environment. Natural environments are formed largely through the interaction of the Earth’s physical features and processes, its flora and fauna, for example the tropical rain forest, a peatland or a rocky seashore.  Human environments are those modified by human activity such as farming, the presence of people, extraction of resources and the provision of roads, communication links and construction of buildings. Some human environments are termed built environments (constructed by people) and others result from social and cultural activities and are entirely human activities. A key characteristic of learning in SESE/Science is involving pupils in the active exploration and investigation of environments. Pupils actively construct their own understanding. A scientific approach to investigation skills, concepts and knowledge through which they can observe, question, investigate, understand and think logically about living things and their environments, materials, forces, everyday events and problems. The knowledge and skills they gain can be applied in designing and making activities.